Indie Fund now backing The Captain

Attention all sentient life forms! Indie Fund is joining The Captain on an adventure across the galaxy. You are the Captain of a small ship, lost on the other side of the galaxy, 40 years away from home. How you choose to spend those decades on the voyage home is up to you.

A 90’s style space comedy adventure with gorgeous pixel art, there was a moment on the second planet I visited where I found myself laughing and horrified and shaking my fist at the genius developers who had created something so beautiful. It’s all built by just two people – Peter and Benny, both 40-something Swedish guys – who are well on their way towards filling a whole galaxy with these moments.

Point your telescopes at their brand new trailer above, and sign up for more info and special access at their brand new website here.

Whether you breath oxygen or liquid carbon, we hope you find this game as charming and surprising and joyful as we have. Engines are online, shields are up, coffee… black! Engage!

The Captain