Indie Fund backs Spartan Fist

We’re all pouring ourselves a tall glass of punch, as Indie Fund is backing Spartan Fist – easily the best 90s-punk-gladiator-pixely-first-person-puncher we’ve seen yet.

The pursuit of the fabled Spartan Fist will lead players through fresh arenas every time they play, sprinkling their fisticuffs with combos and a variety of fist flavors. Dipping fists in strange liquids seems a little dangerous to us at Indie Fund, but it’s how you get combat upgrades in Spartan Fist’s gun-free world.

“Honestly, the first Spartan Fist trailer I saw had me hooked right away. It was clear that Megan and the team at Glass Bottom Games had a unique vision in mind. That combination of ‘Wow’ and ‘Wait what did I just see?’ was really compelling”, said Indie Fund investor and cube-shaped-blood enthusiast Ron Theis.

Try it yourself at the PAX West Indie Minibooth. Spartan Fist will be serving everyone tall glasses of punch in 2018.

Spartan Fist


Glass Bottom Games