Indie Fund Now Backing "Kachina"

Yes, the sky is full of Indie Fund announcements lately! But that doesn’t mean we are any less excited about finally announcing our funding of Kachina by Ben Esposito’s (aka Little Flag Software). You may have seen him showing it at IndieCade 2012, or, most recently, at the Game Developer’s Conference Experimental Gameplay Workshop (where another IF project, Mushroom 11, was also shown!).

Kachina is a whimsical physics toy that explores negative space by allowing players to manipulate a hole in the ground, swallowing up animals and spitting them back out elsewhere. For each object players swallow, the hole grows a little bit larger - evoking a sense of childlike wonder through order & scale. The action takes place on the stage of the American Southwest, exploring the relationship between modern American and indigenous Pueblo cultures through themes of erasure & discovery.

Ben Esposito most recently worked as a game designer with Giant Sparrow on the PlayStation Network game, The Unfinished Swan. Kachina actually came out of a “Molyjam” - a game jam themed around the Twitter account Peter Molydeux. Afterwards, Ben continued to tinker around with this toy-like experience, and as he fell deeper into the holes of Kachina, our interest in the project grew. We’re happy we can support Ben to go exploring his own first commercial indie game - we think his voice will be a unique addition!

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Ben Esposito