Below is the list of games Indie Fund has funded so far (click on the title to go to the game-maker’s website):


Set in a “noir comic book world”, Framed allows you to rearrange animated panels to change the outcome of a silent narrative. The first project from Melbourne’s Loveshack Entertainment.


Donut County

Donut County is a whimsical physics toy that explores negative space by allowing players to manipulate a hole in the ground, swallowing up animals and spitting them back out elsewhere. For each object players swallow, the hole grows a little bit larger – evoking a sense of childlike wonder through order & scale. The action takes place on the stage of the American Southwest, exploring the relationship between modern American and indigenous Pueblo cultures through themes of erasure & discovery.



We are super excited to announce our support of Panoramical, a collaborative project by Fernando Ramallo, a game developer from Argentina, and David Kanaga, best known for his work on Proteus and DYAD. Panoramical, with its collaboration with different artists and musicians, has the ability to cross-over into other active communities who don’t generally define themselves as gamers (even though they play with interactive experiences all the time). It is also an experiment in discovering how to sell this kind of game, and we hope Fernando and David can help discover new ways that artists can distribute and become financially successful in this genre.


Mushroom 11

The design space being explored by Mushroom 11 is not something we’ve seen before.  It’s engaging and tactile and we’re excited to support Itay and see where his design exploration leads!


The Splatters

The Splatters is a good example of one of the reasons we created Indie Fund. The team’s talent is evident. They created polished and vibrant artwork, charming characters, and have demonstrated exceptional technical skill with the game’s intuitive and realistic feeling simulation.


Dear Esther

Available for download on Steam!

A deserted island… a lost man… memories of a fatal crash… a book written by a dying explorer. Dear Esther is the brainchild of Dan Pinchbeck.  It was initially released in 2008 as a Half-Life mod, and is now visually re-imagined by Robert Briscoe, previously an Environment Artist on Mirror’s Edge.



Available for download on Steam!

A first person puzzle solving game set in a structure made from white cubes. Coloured cubes in the environment can be manipulated by the player using a pair of technologically enhanced gloves. The player is able to pull and push red and yellow cubes, launch themselves using blue cubes and move around green cubes. Using these coloured cubes as tools, the player must complete a series of challenging puzzles.



Available for download on Steam!

Truly mind bending and surprising puzzle design aside, what makes Antichamber feel very special to us is that its development chronicles Alex’s development as a game designer.  We’ve played the game multiple times over the last few years, at various states of completion, and each time the design and feel of the game shifts, and feels more refined.  Kudos to Alex for iterating on his work and incubating it until it’s really ready.


The Swapper

The Swapper is the 6th game to receive Indie Fund backing.  It is quite literally a hand crafted game, and clearly a labor of love by its creators, Facepalm Games.  Olli, Otto, and Carlo have already a achieved a remarkable level of critical acclaim with their game, garnering awards at IndieCade, Develop Conference, Freeplay, and GameConnection.








Faraway is Steph Thirion’s second game, a beautiful and ethereal iOS game following in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed award winning debut release, Eliss.



Steal from the rich, keep it for yourself! Monaco is a 4-player co-op crime caper inspired by classic French heist movies and set in modern day Monte Carlo.