Indie Fund aims to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get financially independent and stay financially independent.

Indie Fund update: 17 more games funded, new investors, new website

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us! As Indie Fund operates as a syndicate and each investor has their own games to worry about, updating the website kept being delayed. No more! We hope you enjoy the new, simplified layout – now that we’ve hit over 50 funded titles, we wanted to find a better way to show them to you. 17 games were funded since our last

Indie Fund backs Spartan Fist

We’re all pouring ourselves a tall glass of punch, as Indie Fund is backing Spartan Fist–easily the best 90s-punk-gladiator-pixely-first-person-puncher we’ve seen yet. The pursuit of the fabled Spartan Fist will lead players through fresh arenas every time they play, sprinkling their fisticuffs with combos and a variety of fist flavors. Dipping fists in strange liquids seems a little dangerous to us at Indie Fund, but it’s how you get combat

Indie Fund now backing The Captain

Attention all sentient life forms! Indie Fund is joining The Captain on an adventure across the galaxy. You are the Captain of a small ship, lost on the other side of the galaxy, 40 years away from home. How you choose to spend those decades on the voyage home is up to you. A 90’s style space comedy adventure with gorgeous pixel art, there was a moment on the second

Indie Fund backs Ape Out!

Fight-or-flight may be the oldest game in existence, and Ape Out has captured its essence with some serious style. This game puts you in the mind of a laboratory gorilla on the loose, hurling captors at each other or using them as human shields, hurtling along a procedurally generated path to freedom, with a frenetic jazz soundtrack that responds to your actions. Ape Out is a glorious and maddening experience,

Indie Fund backs Hollow Knight

In game development, some rabbit holes are well worth going down. The vast and intricately animated 2D metroidvania, Hollow Knight, proves that this applies even to dung-encrusted caverns full of fungus and insects. We’ve been lost in this game for hours on end, and are very proud to have helped it come together. Hollow Knight was inspired by Metroid, Zelda 2, and Faxanadu, but has added modern platforming elements and

Indie Fund backs Old Man’s Journey

About a year ago, Felix and Clemens of Broken Rules approached us about funding for a prototype he and the team have been working on. It had rudimentary programmer art and not much in the way of content, but the core interaction felt juicy and because of their history of making gorgeous games, we believed they can execute on their vision for the visuals of the game. So we helped fund the

Updated Indie Fund Contract

Since we updated how Indie Fund is structured about a year ago, we had to modify our contract to work better with the new organization.  Someone recently wanted to setup something like Indie Fund in their own country (which we love!), and we realized that we hadn’t made this latest contract version public.  Please feel free to use it for your own Indie Fund-style game investments — just make a

Indie Fund Backs Event[0]

What would you say to a computer if your life depended on it? Event[0] explores this question by introducing you to an uncomfortably realized artificial intelligence, alone in space, on a ship where something has gone terribly wrong. The seemingly sentient software displays a troubling range of human emotions, and what story unfolds depends on how you choose to respond. But unlike how most narrative games work, these conversations aren’t

Indie Fund backs Miegakure.

(by Jonathan Blow) I am happy to announce that Indie Fund, continuing our tradition of backing interesting and innovative games, is funding Miegakure by Marc ten Bosch. “Miegakure” is a Japanese term meaning “hide-and-reveal”, and refers to an art of garden design that creates an illusion of a larger garden within a smaller space. Miegakure, the game itself, is a puzzle adventure that takes place in four spatial dimensions. Our

Indie Fund backs Burly Men At Sea

Burly Men at Sea offers up a whimsical world where players shape the narrative not just through their choices, but where they point the camera. It’s a beautiful game with a Scandinavian-inspired storybook aesthetic and high degree of replayability.  Indie Fund is pleased to play a part in helping this game (and story!) come to life. Burly Men at Sea is the second “quiet adventure” from Brooke and David Condolera