Indie Fund backs Spartan Fist

We’re all pouring ourselves a tall glass of punch, as Indie Fund is backing Spartan Fist–easily the best 90s-punk-gladiator-pixely-first-person-puncher we’ve seen yet.

The pursuit of the fabled Spartan Fist will lead players through fresh arenas every time they play, sprinkling their fisticuffs with combos and a variety of fist flavors. Dipping fists in strange liquids seems a little dangerous to us at Indie Fund, but it’s how you get combat upgrades in Spartan Fist’s gun-free world.

“Honestly, the first Spartan Fist trailer I saw had me hooked right away. It was clear that Megan and the team at Glass Bottom Games had a unique vision in mind. That combination of ‘Wow’ and ‘Wait what did I just see?’ was really compelling”, said Indie Fund investor and cube-shaped-blood enthusiast Ron Theis.

Try it yourself at the PAX West Indie Minibooth. Spartan Fist will be serving everyone tall glasses of punch in 2018.

Indie Fund now backing The Captain

Attention all sentient life forms! Indie Fund is joining The Captain on an adventure across the galaxy. You are the Captain of a small ship, lost on the other side of the galaxy, 40 years away from home. How you choose to spend those decades on the voyage home is up to you.

A 90’s style space comedy adventure with gorgeous pixel art, there was a moment on the second planet I visited where I found myself laughing and horrified and shaking my fist at the genius developers who had created something so beautiful. It’s all built by just two people – Peter and Benny, both 40-something Swedish guys – who are well on their way towards filling a whole galaxy with these moments.

Point your telescopes at their brand new trailer above, and sign up for more info and special access at their brand new website here.

Whether you breath oxygen or liquid carbon, we hope you find this game as charming and surprising and joyful as we have. Engines are online, shields are up, coffee… black! Engage!

Ape Out!

Fight-or-flight may be the oldest game in existence, and Ape Out has captured its essence with some serious style. This game puts you in the mind of a laboratory gorilla on the loose, hurling captors at each other or using them as human shields, hurtling along a procedurally generated path to freedom, with a frenetic jazz soundtrack that responds to your actions. Ape Out is a glorious and maddening experience, all at once instinctual, and like nothing you’ve ever played before.

Oh and did we mention that the trailer is actually playable? Why are you still reading this? Go play it!

Ape Out is a solo project by Gabe Cuzzillo. It has already been awarded Best Gameplay and Sound at the Brazilian Game Festival, and won the Audience Choice award at Boston FIG. Gabe’s previous game, Foiled, was a similarly visceral multiplayer mashup of fencing and Super Meat Boy.

“Ape Out is like if Solid Snake and The Hulk met up, fell in love, and raised a baby ape together,” said Indie Fund member and Super Meat Boy co-creator Tommy Refenes.

Indie Fund is very proud to have supported Ape Out, and pleased to know that Gabe will have Devolver Digital as a publishing partner.

Ape Out releases this summer on PC and PS4, but in the meantime play the trailer!

You can learn more about Ape Out by following Gabe on Twitter, visiting his site, or watching this short film about the project’s early development.

Indie Fund backs Hollow Knight

In game development, some rabbit holes are well worth going down. The vast and intricately animated 2D metroidvania, Hollow Knight, proves that this applies even to dung-encrusted caverns full of fungus and insects. We’ve been lost in this game for hours on end, and are very proud to have helped it come together.

Hollow Knight was inspired by Metroid, Zelda 2, and Faxanadu, but has added modern platforming elements and the risk of losing resources upon death, as well as some interesting new design twists, like tying magic and health replenishment to successful melee attacks. Combine this all with tight controls and a deeply engrossing world, and it’s an absolute joy to play.

Hollow Knight is a passion project and first commercial release for Team Cherry, a three person group in Adelaide, Australia. They set out to make a 10 hour game in one year, and, two years later, have completed a 40+ hour epic which includes more unique enemies than Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Things didn’t go exactly according to plan, but the result is truly magnificent.

“Even in its infancy, Hollow Knight was a fantastic looking game and funding it was an easy decision,” said Indie Fund member and Humble Bundle co-founder Jeffrey Rosen. “Team Cherry has poured an incredible amount of love into the game since then and it shows. We are very proud to help Team Cherry launch!”

Hollow Knight is coming to PC and Mac on February 24th, with Linux and Nintendo Switch versions coming later. You can learn more about the game on their site, or follow them on Twitter.