Monaco Pre-orders Now Live!

Hi everyone!  Monaco is the first game we funded via Indie Fund.  It's been a long time in development and has come a loooooong way since its first incarnation as a 12-week-IGF-winning-game-prototype.  
As of today, Andy is taking pre-orders for Monaco here.

Best of luck, Andy!

More details, straight from the horse's mouth:

  • The game will cost $15 at launch, but is available for a pre-order discount of 10%. So pre-orders cost $13.50
  • Pre-order 4-packs are available for $45
  • The pre-order is for the PC/Mac version only, not XBLA. If you are looking forward to the XBLA version, save your money!
  • The PC and XBLA versions will launch at the same time
  • The Mac version will likely not be available at the same time as the PC version, but will probably come shortly thereafter, however Mac beta testers have been running the game successfully in bootcamp, etc
  • The pre-order is being sold through the Humble Store, and comes with Steam keys
  • The Pre-order does NOT include beta access
  • Pre-orders also contain some awesome goodies:
  • A DRM-free version of the 15-week prototype that won the 2010 IGF. I've renamed this version MONTE CARLO
  • Two tracks from the Official Soundtrack, from the score composed by Grammy-nominated (Journey) composer, Austin Wintory
  • Sheet music for the main theme. Austin is asking that musicians perform the piece and remix it in any way they please for a chance to be included on a special Monaco remix album



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