Indie Fund backing FARAWAY

Steph Thirion's Faraway is now the 5th project backed by Indie Fund.

Faraway is Steph's second game, following in the footsteps of his critically acclaimed award winning debut release, Eliss.  Faraway has already garnered critical acclaim as a Gamma IV finalist, Independent Games Festival Excellence in Design finalist, and the winner of the Sublime Experience award at IndieCade

We're proud to be providing support for this title to help it cross the finish line.

Like Eliss before it, Faraway provides the kind of cohesive and harmonious experience that is rarely seen in games created by larger teams. Coding, game design, visual design, musical score, and sound design, were all done by Steph.  Adding to the personal feel of the game is the fact that the game's universe is procedurally generated and adapts to the player's skill level to provide an ever-challenging and infinitely replayable experience for all skill levels. With this game, Steph establishes depth and simplicity as his game design hallmarks.

If you're attending PAX this weekend, you can be one of the first to play Faraway at booth number 878, along side Derek Yu's upcoming XBLA release, Spelunky.

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