Indie Fund is a collective of individual investors. The best way to seek Indie Fund investing is by either reaching out to one of us online (we’re all pretty easy to find) or at pretty much any large games event.

There’s some basic information that we have learned we will want to understand about every project, and it helps if you have this handy when you contact any of us:

  1. Your current team and their roles on the project
  2. Platforms you plan to release on
  3. Planned released window for your game, by platform
  4. Your estimated budget (in rough terms)
  5. Video clips and a playable prototype (if PC, have both PC and MAC builds, please)
  6. And a brief statement on what makes your project special

Here are our investors (in no particular order):

  • Ron Carmel
  • Aaron Isaksen
  • Kellee Santiago
  • Matthew Wegner
  • Nathan Vella, Capy Games
  • Kyle Gabler
  • Jonathan Blow
  • Tommy Refenes
  • Noel Llopis
  • Jared Yeager
  • Mode 7
  • Adam and Bekah Saltsman
  • Ben Newhouse, Resigned Gamer
  • Gil Carmel
  • Jeffrey Rosen
  • John Bizzarro, AppAbove Games LLC
  • Colin and Sarah Northway
  • Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns, Metanet Software
  • Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
  • John Graham
  • Andy Schatz