Please read this whole page before contacting us about funding.

Applications are submitted via email. There’s more info below on what this email should contain, but first we’d like to explain how this whole process works, because transparency is good.

Your email will go to an internal mailing list of Indie Fund investors who are interested in checking out new submissions. If one of the investors is interested in funding your game, you will likely get an email from them with some more questions, and they will act as your main contact going forward.

If that goes well, they will present your game to the rest of the investors and try to raise the amount required. We work like a syndicate, so if there are enough people interested in putting in enough money to cover your budget, then the project is a go.

An important thing to note is that we can not guarantee that you’ll get a reply to your application. We’re all pretty busy and none of us is doing this Indie Fund thing full time. If you haven’t heard back within a week, it’s likely there’s not enough interest to continue the conversation. Don’t take that personally, it could mean a hundred different things, it’s not a judgment about you or your game.

So, what should the application email contain?

About your game

  • Show us a screenshot that shows off your game. It doesn’t need to be super duper resolution — just something that visually conveys what the game is about
  • Include a short gameplay video that will give us a good idea of the game. It doesn’t need to be a fancy trailer — just show us the game. Short = 1-2 min.
  • One paragraph about what makes your game special. As with writing most business emails, you don’t want to write a big wall of text. Keep it efficient and your reader will be more likely to absorb the most important parts.
  • Download link for a playable prototype (we will not fund games that do not have a playable prototype). Many of our investors use Macs, so if you’re making a PC game and have a Mac build too, please include that.
  • Which platform(s) are you developing for?

About your team (keep this short — just a single paragraph will work)

  • Who are the team members?
  • What are your roles?
  • Have you worked together before?
  • How do you know each other?

Budget and schedule (again, a single paragraph is enough)

  • How much are you asking for?
  • How are you going to spend it? (a link to a spreadsheet showing how you calculated the numbers helps us evaluate the accuracy of the budget)
  • When do you estimate the game will ship?

And please check out our blog post that describes some of the elements of making a great application.

Even if we don’t get back to you, we hope that this process helps you when reaching out to other investors. The items we asked for here are the types of things you’ll need for any pitch, and it’s often helpful to think about screenshots, videos, short descriptions, and budget while making your game.

Now that you understand how everything works, you can send an email to