The Indie Fund is always looking for new games to support. In order to expand the scope of our search for great projects that need funding, we enlisted a team of scouts.

Feel free to contact John, Kelly, or Simon at any point in your game’s development. Together, they will assess the current state of your project and provide insights into our selection process.

Our scouts’ doors are always open, and the best way to reach them is here: apply AT indie-fund DOT com.

One thing we strongly believe is that independent developers shouldn’t take valuable time away from their schedules to prepare a full pitch deck for the Indie Fund. However, we do ask for some basic information about every project, and it helps if you have this handy when you contact our scouts:

  1. Your current team and their roles on the project
  2. Platforms you plan to release on
  3. Planned released window for your game, by platform
  4. Your estimated budget (in rough terms)
  5. Video clips and a playable prototype
  6. And a brief statement on what makes your project special

But the IF scouts aren’t just sitting around waiting for projects to come to them! Our team is always on the lookout for interesting games, through a number of channels. We look forward to seeing what you create!


Indie Fund