Indie Fund aims to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get financially independent and stay financially independent.


Spacebase DF-9 Recoups Investment In Two Weeks

Hi everyone! Earlier this year, we decided to experiment with funding larger projects than we normally do. A typical project for us has been in the range of $50k – $150k. We’ve also funded a few projects for smaller amounts, but never a project the size of Spacebase DF-9. Spacebase required around $400k to develop, so it would have been unwise for Indie Fund to go it alone. A $400k

Indie Fund Now Backing FRACT OSC

We have been following FRACT OSC since its debut at the Independent Games Festival in 2011. So when Phosfiend Systems sent out the signal that they needed help getting it across the finish line, we jumped at the opportunity to make that happen for them! Coming later this year to Steam, FRACT OSC is a musical exploration game. Players explore an abstract world built on sound, solve puzzles to rebuild its forgotten machinery and then

The Swapper Recoups In Less Than Two Days

So yes, it’s a financial success for its creators (Olli, Otto, Carlo and Tom) and for us as well.  On top of that, it’s been getting extremely positive reviews and currently holds an aggregate metacritic score of 87. We’ve noticed that we’ve done a lot of these “game X recoups in Y hours” posts. While we do think it’s important to highlight that investments in unique games made by small teams can


Today marks the release of Antichamber, a game that Alexander Bruce created and developed almost entirely by himself over the past few years. Alex stuck to his guns, never wavered in his vision, and always sought to make the game better. It’s pretty tough not to be inspired by his work, and perseverance. The end result is a really special game of the highest quality. Anitchamber is a cerebral game,

Monaco Pre-orders Now Live!

Hi everyone!  Monaco is the first game we funded via Indie Fund.  It’s been a long time in development and has come a loooooong way since its first incarnation as a 12-week-IGF-winning-game-prototype.  As of today, Andy is taking pre-orders for Monaco here. Best of luck, Andy! More details, straight from the horse’s mouth: The game will cost $15 at launch, but is available for a pre-order discount of 10%. So

Indie Fund Now Backing Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 was born earlier this year as part of Global Game Jam 2012. That early prototype was developed by Itay Keren (with Itay’s wife, Julia, contributing artwork) at the GGJ event held at NYU, where it was recognized with the Best Game Design award from among 30 games that came out of that event. That, along with the great reviews it received from jurors, encouraged Itay to see how

Dear Esther… Trailer, Release Date & IGF Awards

Indie Fund-ed dev thechineseroom has released a stunning new trailer for Dear Esther, showing just how far Dan Pinchbeck & Robert Briscoe have pushed their vision. Do yourself a favor & watch it in HD via the Dear Esther website here Further, thechineseroom have announced that Dear Esther will launch via Steam on February 14th. Lastly, Dear Esther is the most nominated game in the IGF 2012, having garnered noms

Q.U.B.E. Recoups Investment Within 4 Days of Steam Release

We are happy to announce that Q.U.B.E., the first Indie Fund-ed game to market, took only 4 days on Steam to generate enough revenue for Toxic Games to repay the full investment amount of $90k. As previously promised, we aim to be as transparent as possible with all our investment work, so we’d like to provide everyone with a brief recap of how things unfolded in this case. Toxic originally

Indie Fund backing Dear Esther

It’s official! We just started funding our 4th project, Dear Esther. Dear Esther is the brainchild of Dan Pinchbeck.  It was initially released in 2008 as a Half-Life mod and immediately developed a cult following.  It also garnered a lot of attention in game design circles for expanding what is possible within the medium of games. In its new incarnation, Dear Esther is being visually re-imagined by Robert Briscoe, previously an

Indie Fund Heartbeat

We are happy to announce that we are currently funding three teams, two of which will likely release their games this year! We’ve only committed half our funds so far, by the way, so please keep the submissions coming, we’re still looking for interesting projects to invest in. While we’re not quite ready to reveal the three funded games, we will do so at GDC during a panel we are