Indie Fund aims to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get financially independent and stay financially independent.


Indie Fund update: 17 more games funded, new investors, new website

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us! As Indie Fund operates as a syndicate and each investor has their own games to worry about, updating the website kept being delayed. No more! We hope you enjoy the new, simplified layout – now that we’ve hit over 50 funded titles, we wanted to find a better way to show them to you. 17 games were funded since our last

Indie Fund backs Hollow Knight

In game development, some rabbit holes are well worth going down. The vast and intricately animated 2D metroidvania, Hollow Knight, proves that this applies even to dung-encrusted caverns full of fungus and insects. We’ve been lost in this game for hours on end, and are very proud to have helped it come together. Hollow Knight was inspired by Metroid, Zelda 2, and Faxanadu, but has added modern platforming elements and

Indie Fund Backs Event[0]

What would you say to a computer if your life depended on it? Event[0] explores this question by introducing you to an uncomfortably realized artificial intelligence, alone in space, on a ship where something has gone terribly wrong. The seemingly sentient software displays a troubling range of human emotions, and what story unfolds depends on how you choose to respond. But unlike how most narrative games work, these conversations aren’t

Indie Fund backs Miegakure.

(by Jonathan Blow) I am happy to announce that Indie Fund, continuing our tradition of backing interesting and innovative games, is funding Miegakure by Marc ten Bosch. “Miegakure” is a Japanese term meaning “hide-and-reveal”, and refers to an art of garden design that creates an illusion of a larger garden within a smaller space. Miegakure, the game itself, is a puzzle adventure that takes place in four spatial dimensions. Our

Indie Fund Now Backing The Flock

Remember flashlight tag? You didn’t play it like this. Vogelsap’s The Flock is a brutal first-person asymmetrical multiplayer game where three to five people compete for control of an artifact containing the last bit of sunlight left in the world. Only one player can be “it.” The rest remain monsters, trying to claw that person apart. By combining stealth with seamless motion through a dark and stifled atmosphere, The Flock

Indie Fund Now Backing SoundSelf

We’re proud to announce Robin Arnott’s audio-visual exploration game SoundSelf as our newest addition to the Indie Fund family. Robin’s game abandons design convention by imposing no goals on the players. Instead, it uses hypnosis techniques to entrance the player while they explore an abstract musical environment generated by their voice. SoundSelf ran a successful KickStarter in 2013, but the project has grown in scope. Robin will use these new funds primarily

Indie Fund Now Backing Gorogoa

As this year’s excellent Fantastic Arcade comes to a close, we are happy to announce that Jason Roberts’s Gorogoa is now being supported by Indie Fund. Although the game initially appears to be a simple point-and-click adventure with sliding tile elements, players tumble down the rabbit hole when they realize that pieces of the scene can be pulled from one picture to another. Each delicately-illustrated panel operates under its own

Indie Fund + Friends Now Backing Future Unfolding

The fall funding season is in full swing, with us first announcing this month that Spaces of Play’s Future Unfolding is now receiving support from Indie Fund and friends. We feel the game already does a fantastic job of adding joy to its procedurally generated wild-life exploration and puzzle solving, with careful attention paid to its mix of beautiful and dangerous environments and creatures. Previously, Spaces of Play created the magical-in-nature puzzler Spirits and is now

Indie Fund Now Backing Due Process

  We’re pretty pumped to share that we’re supporting the development of Giant Enemy Crab’s Due Process, a multiplayer-only, team-vs-team FPS. Adding to our excitement is the fact that Due Process is the first game we’ve funded that was found by our team of scouts. Due Process is particularly interesting because maps are randomly generated, and teams spend half of every 4-minute round drawing out attack plans. Giant Enemy Crab

Lessons From Funding Super Splatters

In September of 2012 we funded Spiky Snail’s Super Splatters which released on Steam in June this year. Spiky Snail had previously released The Splatters on XBLA, but the team (Niv and Sagi) did not feel that they had met all of their design goals and wanted to make the best possible version of their game. The game didn’t earn enough on XBLA, so they turned to us to help