What is Indie Fund?

Indie Fund is a funding source for independent developers, created by a group of successful indies looking to encourage the next wave of game developers. It was established as a serious alternative to the traditional publisher funding model. Our aim is to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get (and stay) financially independent.

Additional details about the need for Indie Fund and the rationale behind it were shared at the Game Developers Conference in the talk titled Indies and Publishers: Fixing a System that Never Worked.

What is Indie Fund’s investment model?

Here’s a quick summary of how our funding works:

  • Flexible budget, no milestones – We start out with your best guess for the budget and pay that out in two chunks: one after signing, the other when the first is close to running out.  If more funding is required, or if less funding is required, we can adjust the second payment.
  • Repayment – Once the game is released, you first pay back the investment and then share 25%of the revenue, until we double the initial investment, or until 2 years after the initial launch date, whichever comes first.
  • No long term obligations – If the game did not generate enough revenue to repay the investment within 2 years of release, the agreement expires and you no longer owe Indie Fund anything. Whatever revenue your game generates from that point on is yours to keep. If the game does generate enough revenue to repay the investment the agreement could expire even sooner leaving 100% of the revenue to you.

Want to Check Out the Contract?

Click here to read & download all of the terms of the current Indie Fund agreement, available for the public.

Who is Indie Fund?

Indie Fund is a collective of individual investors. The best way to seek Indie Fund investment is by either reaching out to one of us online (we’re all pretty easy to find) or at pretty much any large games event.

Here are our investors (in no particular order):

  • Ron Carmel
  • Aaron Isaksen
  • Kellee Santiago
  • Matthew Wegner
  • Nathan Vella, Capy Games
  • Kyle Gabler
  • Jonathan Blow
  • Tommy Refenes
  • Noel Llopis
  • Jared Yeager
  • Mode 7
  • Adam and Bekah Saltsman
  • Ben Newhouse, Resigned Gamer
  • Gil Carmel
  • Jeffrey Rosen
  • John Bizzarro, AppAbove Games LLC
  • Colin and Sarah Northway
  • Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns, Metanet Software
  • Rami Ismail, Vlambeer
  • John Graham
  • Andy Schatz