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Indie Fund Now Backing FRACT OSC

We have been following FRACT OSC since its debut at the Independent Games Festival in 2011. So when Phosfiend Systems sent out the signal that they needed help getting it across the finish line, we jumped at the opportunity to make that happen for them!

Coming later this year to Steam, FRACT OSC is a musical exploration game. Players explore an abstract world built on sound, solve puzzles to rebuild its forgotten machinery and then are able to create their own sounds and music within the game. The game features a vast open world, real-time player control over sound and draws inspiration from Myst, Tron, electronic music, and most importantly, synthesizers.

FRACT OSC is being developed by Montreal-based indie studio Phosfiend Systems. An early version of the game won the 2011 IGF award for Best Student Game, and a more recent version received a 2013 IGF Honourable Mention for Excellence in Audio. For more information on FRACT OSC, check out their blog at