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Today marks the release of Antichamber, a game that Alexander Bruce created and developed almost entirely by himself over the past few years. Alex stuck to his guns, never wavered in his vision, and always sought to make the game better. It’s pretty tough not to be inspired by his work, and perseverance. The end result is a really special game of the highest quality.

Anitchamber is a cerebral game, full of puzzles that will likely bend your solving-skills in a way you never anticipated. But it is also a game, playful in the exploration of the puzzles and the world they reside in. Take a gander at the launch trailer below, which will provide a quick example of what we mean.

Even though Indie Fund played only a tiny role in helping Alex achieve his goals, we’re super proud all the same.

Huge congratulations to Mr. Bruce on launching Antichamber on Steam. You can grab the game here, at 25% off for the first week.

[Update: ANTiCHAMBER recouped its Indie Fund investment less than an hour after launch. ¬†Alex needed very little money from us, so that by itself doesn’t say much, but the game did have an amazingly excellent launch day, both financially and critically. Congratulations again, Alex!]