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Indie Fund Now Backing Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 was born earlier this year as part of Global Game Jam 2012. That early prototype was developed by Itay Keren (with Itay’s wife, Julia, contributing artwork) at the GGJ event held at NYU, where it was recognized with the Best Game Design award from among 30 games that came out of that event.

That, along with the great reviews it received from jurors, encouraged Itay to see how much further he could take this concept, and he began developing it into a more fleshed out game.

Itay is not new to game development.  His most recent game, Rope Rescue, was published by Chillingo and made it into the top 10 chart on the US app store.  Mushroom 11, however, represents a more personal and experimental approach to Itay, as he questions much of what he knows about the art and process of game design.

The design space being explored by Mushroom 11 is not something we’ve seen before.  It’s engaging and tactile and we’re excited to support Itay and see where his design exploration leads!

For those curious to see how this game has changed since the GGJ prototype, here is an early gameplay video with preliminary art: