Indie Fund Now Backing Antichamber

Antichamber is the 7th project to receive Indie Fund support.  Those with an eye on the indie scene probably know it’s been years in development, and we’re happy to provide its talented developer, Alexander Bruce, with finishing funds to help the game across the finish line.

This game has been honored with so many awards it’s hard to keep track, from its initial selections for Sense of Wonder Night and as a Make Something Unreal Grand Prize winner, through to its more recent PAX10 selection and IGF Technical Excellence award. The full list of honors this game has received throughout its development is impressive.

Truly mind bending and surprising puzzle design aside, what makes Antichamber feel very special to us is that its development chronicles Alex’s development as a game designer.  We’ve played the game multiple times over the last few years, at various states of completion, and each time the design and feel of the game shifts, and feels more refined.  Kudos to Alex for iterating on his work and incubating it until it’s really ready.

You can check out Antichamber at PAX East this week, booth 770. Alex will be there with the latest build, stop by and say hello!

  • Anonymous

    That’s perfect, and I’m glad you support Alex. He deserves all the money.

  • Awesome news! 

  • Awesome! Can’t wait for the game to be completed, and I’m glad to see him get the support he needs from Indie Fund.

  • Awesome stuff Alex! Glad you guys are backing him as this project is fantastic.

  • Jama211

    Fantastic! Can’t think of a more deserving game, and it was amazing when I played it in AVCon in Adelaide Australia. Congrats Alex! 

  • Mrsteak

    I’ve been waiting this game for so long..
    It was easier when it got close to no press.
    Now they keep reminding me what a great game it’ll be!