Indie Fund aims to support the growth of games as a medium by helping indie developers get financially independent and stay financially independent.

February 2012

Dear Esther has reached profitability. It took 5 hours, 30 minutes.

Dear Esther was released on Steam yesterday, February 14th. In under 24 hours, the game has sold over 16,000 copies, and Indie Fund’s investment was recouped after just 5.5 hours. Those are great first-day sales for any game, independent or otherwise. Because the Indie Fund loan is already covered, Dear Esther is now profitable. To be honest, we are a little surprised by how many people bought Dear Esther so quickly.

Dear Esther is out!

Our gift to you, on this very special Valentine’s Day, is the worldwide release of the long-awaited game Dear Esther. If you haven’t heard of Dear Esther, watch this: (Or hey, watch the trailer even if you are quite familiar with the game; the trailer is beautiful and worthy of multiple viewings.) We expect public reception of this game to run wide: some will love it, and others will be

Updated Investment Model

We’ve been operating Indie Fund for over two years now, and much has changed since we started. Two years ago, the digital distribution landscape was much more console-centric, and today there’s a stronger focus on mobile, browser, and PC. Console games now tend to require a higher budget to stand out, yet mobile, browser, and PC games can be developed very quickly on a super small budget. Additionally, our understanding