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Funding Terms Now Public!

Friday, March 11th, 2011

As a followup to our panel at the Independent Games Summit where we discussed our desire for more transparency in the funding process, we are now making our funding agreement public. The purpose of this reveal is to give developers a measuring stick to evaluate other funding offers they may receive.

There are two significant ways in which our agreement diverges from the typical game funding agreement:

1.  It is short and simple. For smaller games, we see no reason for a funding agreement to be a massive document written by lawyers for lawyers.  Our agreement is 3 pages long, and comes with a companion document that explains what each section means and why it’s there.

2. It is developer friendly. We do not ask for any IP rights, we time limit the debt, we recoup at 100%, and take a revenue share that is proportional to the amount we put in (1% per $10k).

Below are links to the agreement and the companion document. Please note that these are documents that we will change over time to reflect what we learn about how to best work with developers.

Indie Fund Loan Agreement [Scribd]

Indie Fund Loan Agreement Companion [Scribd]

Comments and feedback are welcome, of course.