Indie Fund Now Backing Due Process



We’re pretty pumped to share that we’re supporting the development of Giant Enemy Crab’s Due Process, a multiplayer-only, team-vs-team FPS. Adding to our excitement is the fact that Due Process is the first game we’ve funded that was found by our team of scouts. Due Process is particularly interesting because maps are randomly generated, and teams spend half of every 4-minute round drawing out attack plans.

Giant Enemy Crab already has a background in multiplayer games, with members having worked on the IndieCade- and IGF-nominated Super Space ______ and Grand Theft Flying Object. Here, the team took a very simple concept and built depth by facilitating human interaction and teamwork, which we see as very fertile ground for play. It doesn’t hurt that the teaser trailer below oozes with attitude. While fresh out of college, they really presented the game like veterans:

We want to congratulate Giant Enemy Crab and will offer them our full support, as they work towards a 2015 release on PC and possibly other platforms. Due Process will make its public debut at PAX Prime on the 6th floor at booth 7003. Several of our other Indie Fund-ed games (Framed, Mushroom 11, and Nova-111) will be at PAX Prime, located in the PAX 10 showcase.

Future updates of Due Process will be available via the team’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Phillip

    Oh god yes. I am so damn hyped for this game.

  • Pritchard

    I see so much potential for this concept. Although, I can’t really see the psychological benefits of a planning stage to players in the demo video.

    I’m envisioning having different, clear cut & dry player roles, goals and mission types to incentivize coordination; “specialty” roles for each invasion (one whose role is mostly planning and/or can veto plans, another who is equipped with more grenades than other players, another who is a submachine gun specialist); multi-phase invasions and scoring/incentives for proper execution of each phase (planning, invasion, execution, retrieval); etc.

    There’s a lot of potential, but I have no idea what everyone has in mind 🙂

    On an unrelated note, I’m very curious to know if any games currently have kidnapping missions instead of just run & gun? That would be kind of cool. Or even item heists. The concepts that are driven by something like Due Process are vast and full of potential.

    From my experience, it seems that FPS players seem to gravitate toward their favorite play mode. This is typically capture the flag or free-for-all. I know I’m asking a lot, but pushing the boundaries of what you can convince players to do and have them enjoy doing at the same time is something I’m interested in seeing happen.

    I look forward to seeing how this… plays out.

    Good luck! 🙂

  • Sunnyotakuu

    I had the opportunity to play this game at PAX Prime, and I didn’t leave their area for two hours. Due Process is a game I already wanted to purchase, even in its “pre-alpha” stage. I’m definitely looking forward to Beta testing, Spring couldn’t come any quicker!

  • hay gays

  • i love tis game