Super Splatters Launches on Steam June 26!

We’re very much looking forward to the launch of Super Splatters with the hope that it will shed a bit of light on a question that game developers often ask themselves:

“Should I take the extra months to really fine tune and polish my game?”

Since the release of The Splatters on XBLA about a year ago, the Spiky Snail team has been slathering a thick layer of love on their game to really make it everything they wanted it to be. Though it will be an imperfect comparison, we’re very curious to see how the new and improved Super Splatters performs relative to The Splatters (both critically and commercially).

Super Splatters is an extravagant arcade-style game that uses simple interaction to give players an impressive amount of control over a pretty complex physics simulation. Despite its casual look, Super Splatters is very much a skill and mastery game with lots of mechanics to discover, explore, and combine.

Super Splatters for Windows and Mac will be available on Steam this Wednesday (June 26). If you’re not on Steam, you can get the Windows and Mac versionsĀ directly from the developer as well. A Linux version will follow soon.

Congrats and best wishes to Niv and Sagi!


  • Anonymous

    Just for reference, the Super Splatters page on Steam works great, but searching for Super Splatters through Steam turns up no results, at least for me. Might be worth asking the fellows at Valve about this.

  • Anonymous

    Steam-free version, my ass.
    Pardon my french, I know it’s not YOUR fault.
    But when I look forward to a game, there is talk about “weeks” and then it’s two months and still nothing, I just get a wee bit peeved -_-

    • SpikySnail Games

      You are absolutely right … we were having delays with the DRM free version but only to make it include some kind of offline SplatterTV which we think contributes a lot to the game. I know it doesn’t sound like much but still takes time. We’re not too far off now as it’s in final testing as we speak – thanks for your support! Niv

      • Anonymous

        Don’t thank me yet, as I haven’t bought it so far because of the lack of a DRM-free version. šŸ˜‰
        But I appreciate the update. Still looking forward to the game.