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Indie Fund Now Backing “Panoramical”

Monday, March 18th, 2013

We are super excited to announce our support of Panoramical, a collaborative project by Fernando Ramallo, a game developer from Argentina, and David Kanaga, best known for his work on Proteus and DYAD.  Panoramical is something really different from what we’ve funded in the past, and its difficult to describe it in words. It uses an input device like an iPad or MIDI controller to explore hand-crafted musical landscapes, allowing the player to alter the visuals and music to their touch. Its being presented as an album of collaborations between different guest musicians/artists, and you can learn more at

Panoramical is a game we are funding for a variety of reasons.  We want the games we fund to push the boundaries of what is done in the medium, and Panoramical does just that.  We are happy to see the projects we fund be accessible; with Panoramical you only need to see it for a couple seconds and you’ll want to grab the controls, but you can also enjoy it by just sitting back and watching someone else explore.  Panoramical, with its collaboration with different artists and musicians, has the ability to cross-over into other active communities who don’t generally define themselves as gamers (even though they play with interactive experiences all the time).  Panoramical is also an experiment in discovering how to sell this kind of game, and we hope Fernando and David can help discover new ways that artists can distribute and become financially successful in this genre.  We are very excited to be funding our first game from Latin America, and hope that Panoramical can help spread interest in indie games throughout other parts of the world.

It looks stunning on a big screen, and if you haven’t been lucky enough to see it shown at IndieCade, GameCity (or a variety of other events and festivals) it will be showing at GDC 2013 at the Wild Rumpus + Venus Patrol party on Wednesday March 27th .

Congratulations to Fernando and David, and we can’t wait for the world to experience the game on their own systems when it launches later this year.