Indie Fund Heartbeat

We are happy to announce that we are currently funding three teams, two of which will likely release their games this year! We’ve only committed half our funds so far, by the way, so please keep the submissions coming, we’re still looking for interesting projects to invest in.

While we’re not quite ready to reveal the three funded games, we will do so at GDC during a panel we are putting together for the Independent Games Summit. The panel will be comprised of Indie Fund partners and representatives from each of the three funded teams. It’ll focus on the experience of operating Indie Fund (from our perspective) and working with Indie Fund (from the developers’ perspective).

Around the same time we will also be making our funding terms public in the hope that will provide developers some sort of measuring stick to hold up to other funding offers they get.

See you all at GDC!

  • coolguy333414567874


  • Great news. Thanks for the update! 🙂

  • This has been a cool project to follow. I'm really interested to see who are funding…

  • great idea to make the funding terms public. and can't wait to see the selected projects!

  • William Bokunic

    It's funny (to me). For awhile now I've been trying to polish up a game I want to submit. I'm very nit-picky about things. I think I'll just submit it now. Also, I need to have this site setup on an RSS feed. I check it every month.

  • OverReact

    We are finishing up the prototype demo to show upon submitting, we hope to have it ready by next month, hope fully we have enough time to make finish our application D:

    • OverReact

      lol typos FTW

  • Teknoarcanist

    Here's a strange question: are you accepting applications to the OTHER side of things? Do you have any interest in allowing new investors to join the Indie Fund?

    • Teknoarcanist

      That is to say, people who would add to the Indie Fund pool for a proportional (albeit small) share of returns, without necessarily expecting input as to the fund's management?

      • belart

        That would be very interesting to know if joining as an investor is an option.

  • Djeka

    Just curious – guys, are you working still? I sent you question (Abyss Lights Studio), still got no reply. Could you please answer me?

    • MatthewFBS

      Yes, we respond to all contacts. It can take a few days, though–and your email is only two days old. Patience 🙂

      • Djeka

        Hi Matthew! Thank you for your reply. Now I see you are really alive 🙂
        Looking forward to get your reply.